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    Beyonce: How She Stays Fit & HOT In Her 3rd Trimester

    Beyonce wearing a red dress pregnantBeyonce, who’s in her third trimester, is due in February 2012.

    We know…”How does she stay looking so good???”

    With her naturally curvaceous body shape, Beyonce has always exercised regularly and consistently eats healthy. To avoid piling on the pounds now she is pregnant, she’s adapted an exercise regime to ensure she stays in shape, while keeping it safe for herself and her baby.

    The bootylicious star has also been watching her diet to make sure she doesn’t gain too much weight, saying she has heard cautionary tales from friends who gained too much weight with their first pregnancy.

    “I’ve been really conscious about my diet,” Beyonce, 30, says. “I’ve been trying my best not to lose control. So I haven’t been going crazy.”

    Per the usual Bey style, as she progresses through her pregnancy, dancing remains one of Beyonce’s top exercise activities as she likes the variety and it keeps her motivated with exercise. Lower impact aerobics without the sudden turns still burns calories.

    Exercising During Pregnancy

    Exercise has great benefits, but during pregnancy you need to approach it with extra caution. Whether you’re a regular exerciser looking to continue your regime during pregnancy, or a former couch potato looking to get moving, follow these 13 rules to keep yourself and your baby safe.

    If you exercised regularly before getting pregnant and your pregnancy is problem-free, you can most likely continue working out as before — with modifications as noted below.

    1. Check with your doctor first
    If you’re starting from scratch as a non-exerciser, see our pregnancy exercise guide for beginners, and talk to your healthcare provider.

    2. Take in extra calories
    Get the 300 to 500 additional calories a day you need during pregnancy, especially if you’re exercising. Make sure to eat well to help nourish and strengthen your body.

    3. Steer clear of dangerous sports

    Avoid contact sports, as well as activities that might throw you off-balance, such as horseback riding or biking. Even if you’re normally graceful, keep in mind that the increased levels of the hormone relaxin during pregnancy, which relax pelvic joints in preparation for childbirth, loosen all ligaments and joints, making you more susceptible to sprains and injury from falls.

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