Meagan Good: Moving From Good To Great

meagan good
Meagan Good has a lot to smile about. Her big and small screen roles continue to grow, and she continues to look more and more fabulous. The popular actress definitely looks the part of a leading lady, but how does she keep it all together?

Here’s Meagan’s take on how to stay healthy and vibrant and not just be good, but great:

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I work with my trainer Augustina about four to five times a week for 45 minutes a day. We start out on the treadmill and then we do a lot of exercises using my own body weight. My favorite workouts are anything having to do with making my waistline trimmer and toned. My least favorite is any type of pushup!  Everybody wants lightning in a bottle, and while healthy things in a bottle do help, you have to do the work to get the results you really want.

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I try to eat healthy. In the morning, I have a protein shake. In the afternoon I eat mostly whatever I want, I just try to modify it to a healthier choice and a smaller portion—since I still have time to be active if I’m a little bad. In the evening, I stick to baked chicken and veggies.


I think some of the best ways to stay healthy when you have a busy life and career are protein shakes, lots of…