How To Prevent Hair Dye Disasters

wavy strands of different color hair( — Few things spice up your look like some fresh hair color. So, here are eight simple tips to keep your hair coloring adventures fabulous.

1. No More Than Two At A Time

If you try to make a drastic change with hair color, such as going more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural color, it can be a disastrous. If this does happen, run don’t walk to a professional hair colorist – in most cases it can be fixed in one visit. Don’t try to do it yourself! Fixing a bad dye job is a scientific venture and the professionals know exactly what they’re doing. Even when you seek out a beauty professional to perform or correct color, make sure that hair color is their specialty. There is a difference between a hair stylist that sometimes does color and a hair stylist that specializes in color; it is truly an art and a science.

2. Are You “Warm” Or “Cool”?

This is where fabulous hair color begins: most of us look at a hair color on someone and if we like it, we decide, “I want that color.” Unless you have the same warm or cool skin tones as that person, you could be making a big mistake. Many people would like to think this doesn’t matter. But when it comes to hair color, it’s important to know which one you really are (and it has nothing to do with your fantastic personality).