Why Are You Sneezing?

A man holding tissue as he sneezes while lying in his bed

(BlackDoctor.org) — It’s getting to be that time of the year again, where seasonal changes have us sniffling and sneezing a little more often – for various reasons. Relief is all any of us want from a stuffy nose, hacking cough or aching must, and whether it’s seasonal allergies, a cold, or the flu makes a big difference in what we need to do to feel better.

Understanding the source of your particular symptoms is the key to getting the relief you need.

Why You Need To Know

Obviously, knowing what you’re dealing with helps you to get the right treatment. But in addition, not knowing can make you susceptible to other illness complications. For example, if you are prone to colds for a good part of the year, it’s possible that you are actually suffering from allergies. With proper treatment your allergy symptoms could be minimized or entirely eliminated. However, left unattended, your allergies could develop into sinusitis or ear infections.