Eddie Geroge: "Yoga Kept Me Injury Free"

Eddie GeorgeEddie George recalls that when he started doing yoga while with Tennessee seven years ago: “The perception was that it was a girl thing.”

But if you’re 6’3″, 235 pounds and embarking on a career as a professional running back, you’re in position to change perceptions – which Eddie did.

“The introduction of yoga came upon me in 1997 – my second season in the NFL with the Houston Oilers,” Eddie admits.

“Now, I won’t entirely credit its benefits as to explaining why I am one of just two NFL running backs to never miss a start due to injury and rush for more than 10,000 career yards.”

“But I will attest to yoga as being one of the vital reasons why I did in fact stay nearly injury free during my nine years in the NFL,” George says proudly.