Why Black America’s Battle With Mental Health Is Failing | BlackDoctor

    Why Black America’s Battle With Mental Health Is Failing

    Many in the field would say that the disparities in mental health services for African-Americans are detrimental to the state of black people’s public health. But why?

    Back in medical school, Dr. Carl Bell knew the least about mental health disorders, which is why he wanted to focus on psychiatrists rather than other medical practices.

    He is now the CEO and president of the Community Health Council and director of the Institute for Juvenile Research at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has dedicated much of his career to the treatment and prevention of mental health disorders among African-Americans—a service that remains underserved and underfunded.

    “It’s really hard getting mental health services in black communities,” says Bell. “These services are a scarcity, because there is no consideration for poor people with mental illnesses.”

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