Beauty Concerns For Expectant Mothers

close up of pregnant womans belly

( — When women think of pregnancy and they think of beauty, most prepare for two bundles of joy. In addition to the thrill of having a baby grow within, many women expect longer, thicker hair, beautiful nails, and of course that renowned glow. To avoid shock or unnecessary stress, be forewarned that  pregnancy sometimes involves effects that you may not find so pretty.

Skin Problems

Sometimes it is described almost in fairy tale terms– the way that women glow when they are pregnant. You may have heard stories of women whose beauty upgrade preceded and even alluded to the baby bump to follow. In reality, a lot of women experience acne and dermatitis when they are pregnant, resulting from hormonal changes.

A small number also experience PUPPP (pruritic uticarial pupules and plaques of pregnancy). This is a condition involving an itchy rash that that appears on the stomach usually during the third trimester. The cause is unknown. These problems normally dissipate after delivery. Meanwhile, products such as hydrocortisone or topical steroids may be recommended as a management tools.