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    ADHD Parenting: 10 Ways To Recharge

    (BlackDoctor.org) — African American parents who have a child with ADHD, have parenting skills challenged every day. You may often find yourself feeling tense, never knowing when your child is going to behave disruptively. Your child’s ADHD symptoms, such as being inattentive, impulsive, stubborn, and unable to sit still, can leave you frustrated and, though it’s hard to admit, angry and even resentful.

    ADHD Parenting: Easing Your Emotions

    Not only might you feel isolated from other parents whose children do not have ADHD, but you may even feel envious of them. The good news is that there are strategies to help you feel less alone and overwhelmed.

    ADHD Parenting: 10 Ways to Recharge

    Here are 10 important tips Hallowell recommends for parents who feel frustrated, alone, and angry.

    1. Change your perspective. Instead of seeing ADHD as a “disability,” try to change your perspective and see how special your child with ADHD is. Children with ADHD are often very imaginative and creative — don’t hesitate to nurture your child’s gifts.

    2. Look for the good. Reframing your child’s symptoms can be a great way to start changing your point of view on ADHD. For every negative trait associated with ADHD, there is a way to frame it as a more positive trait. You can view disorganization as being spontaneous, for example, or stubbornness as tenacity. This outlook not only boosts your child’s self-esteem, but also helps offset your frustration.

    3. Make a plan. If you have a plan to deal with problems that arise, you automatically feel more in control and less worried. And it doesn’t matter if one plan fails; simply come up with a new plan until you find one that works.

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