Skin Care: Where You’re Going Wrong

african american woman bar soap( — We all have to deal with disappointments in life. But, it can seem unusually cruel to place your hard earned money, hope and sanity into skin care regimens that don’t work, or even worse that aggravate your problems.

Though you may be inclined to place the blame on shoddy products and false advertising, failure to yield results could actually be due to reasons that you are in control of, such as…


Are you are doing all that is recommended for your skin type? Is your skin still dull, dry, and slow to heal? Then, you may be sabotaging your results one puff at a time. Smoking reduces collagen production and the skin’s oxygen supply. Cigarette habits also rob the skin of nutrients and moisture. As a result, smokers commonly suffer from problems such as blotchiness and premature aging.

Until you can manage to drop the habit, reduce it by as much as possible. Indulge in moisture treatments and skin care products heavily laden with nutrients and antioxidants.

Cell Phones

Would it take an act beyond the power of man to separate you from your cellphone? Have you been fighting acne, but acne appears to be winning? If so, take notice of the area that’s most affected. Then, consider which part of your face is most often in contact with your phone. If you point to the same area twice, your handheld partner may be an instigator. Cellphones get loaded with germs, grime and bacteria and people unwittingly press and wipe them across their faces all day.

Do yourself a couple of favors. Clean your cellphone with alcohol at least once or twice a day. Also, use speakerphone or a hands-free device as much as possible.


How I want it, when I want it… most of us are guilty of feeling this way at least occasionally. And it may pan out at a restaurant or resort, but it simply is unreasonable when with skin care. If you do not give products adequate time to produce changes, two things are likely to happen. You will sample product after product and your skin condition may actually worsen.

So how long is long enough? This depends on the type of product you use and the results you aim for. As a strict rule, you should not abandon any product after just days due to lack of results. You should generally give a skincare solution two to four weeks, regardless of what the package says.

Poor Selection

You can do what you are supposed to as often as you’re supposed to and still not experience the results that you are expecting… bitter but true. And, why are the ways of the world so cruel? Because you are likely not using the right products. You can use the best items from the most renowned skin authority but if they are not suited for your skin type, it’s often a waste.

To avoid the unnecessary loss of time, money, and peace of mind, know your skin type. Outline your skin care goals. Educate yourself on which ingredients will serve you best and which you should avoid. Then, make sure that this information is your guide when selecting any products or procedures.


Realize that unless you are a skin care professional, you are NOT a skin care professional. The vast amount of information on the Internet, which is often conflicting and written by unqualified individuals, has led too many people to believe that they can diagnose and treat themselves. Some people do not even even extend themselves to do online research. They rely solely on what the largest print on the package says, how a product smells, and what it looks or feels like. It is not uncommon to find grown African-Americans who have never sought professional skin care. Yet, they experience problems and expect improvement from regimens they develop. That reeks of disappointment.

Skin is an organ like your heart and your kidneys. Just as you need physicals and professional medical care for inner health, you also need professional advice and care for your outer, most visible organ. When you experience problems or you want to make physical improvements, remember to involve a qualified expert.


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