Skin Care: Where You’re Going Wrong

african american woman bar soap( — We all have to deal with disappointments in life. But, it can seem unusually cruel to place your hard earned money, hope and sanity into skin care regimens that don’t work, or even worse that aggravate your problems.

Though you may be inclined to place the blame on shoddy products and false advertising, failure to yield results could actually be due to reasons that you are in control of, such as…


Are you are doing all that is recommended for your skin type? Is your skin still dull, dry, and slow to heal? Then, you may be sabotaging your results one puff at a time. Smoking reduces collagen production and the skin’s oxygen supply. Cigarette habits also rob the skin of nutrients and moisture. As a result, smokers commonly suffer from problems such as blotchiness and premature aging.

Until you can manage to drop the habit, reduce it by as much as possible. Indulge in moisture treatments and skin care products heavily laden with nutrients and antioxidants.