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    Frankie Beverly: “Longevity Is A Gift”

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    50 years ago, Frankie Beverly never envisioned that he would still be singing today, let alone be as popular as he and Maze have become. His raspy voice belted out chart-popping melodies like “Lady of Magic,” “Happy Feelings,”  “Southern Girl” and the one that kept the crowd at Gibson on their feet, “We Are One.”

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    “The way this is working is just mind boggling in what has happened to me,” he shared.  “It’s a good thing too because I was raised to be humbled by my gifts and all. From parents, to good people around me, so I understand it from that point that it’s not me up there, that’s a blessing.”


    “Happy Feelings” and “We Are One” really define who MAZE is.  “We Are One” describes how we really feel in our heart as a group and as a family.

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