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    Top Pregnancy Sleep Aids

    ( — Even if you’re a great sleeper, it’s normal to toss and turn during pregnancy. Sometimes you just can’t get comfortable, especially in your first and third trimesters.

    Here’s how to help get the sleep you crave:


    For back and belly support

    • Using pillows for support can mean the difference between a sleepless night and peaceful slumber.

    • Tucking a pillow between your bent knees supports your lower back and may make the recommended side-sleeping position more comfortable.

    • A pillow tucked behind your back can also help you maintain a side-lying position while you sleep.

    You can experiment with regular pillows or check out pillows made specifically for use during pregnancy, sold online and in maternity stores. You’ll find body-length pillows, C-shaped and U-shaped pillows, and wedges that support your belly when you lie on your side or to prop yourself up to a semi-recline.

    For heartburn

    • If you suffer from heartburn, experiment with an extra pillow to raise your head while sleeping.

    • Some moms-to-be find relief after raising the head of the bed – by sliding pillows under the head of the mattress.

    For hip relief

    • An egg-crate foam mattress pad placed on top of your mattress can also help you sleep more comfortably if your hips hurt when you lie on your side.

    Food & Drink

    What you eat – and when you eat it – can affect the quality of your sleep.

    Warm milk

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