Scarface: “I Was On My Deathbed…”


    Brad Terrence Jordan, better known as Scarface, always had a signature look and style about him. After all, it is because of his impressive word delivery style that landed him on the list of the 50 Greatest MCs of Our Time.  But when his health started heading in the wrong direction, he had to change up his style of eating, exercise and everything. Scarface started at 291 pounds and is currently around 193, and is looking to get back at 185. How he did it isn’t as important as to the reason why he did it.

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    “I was at stroke level,” admitted the Houston MC. “I had it all: congestive heart failure, malignant high blood pressure, kidney damage, enlarged heart, sleep apnea, borderline diabetic, etc.  My life was threatened.  So if someone in the street threatens my life, he better make good on it. Because I have to kill him or he’s going to kill me. So I had to kill bad health.”

    “My doctor told me that I would have a massive heart attack,” Scarface continued.  “That along with other stuff that I wanted to be around for and here to see pushed me. I’m doing whatever it takes to lose weight. “I think people struggle with their weight because they don’t want to grind.  It’s really a portion control thing and it’s unfortunate that I had to learn it on my deathbed.  I had to learn to eat to live instead of live to eat.”

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