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    Keenan Ivory Wayans: Funny, Fit & Over 50

    kiw2 Keenan Ivory Wayans: Funny, Fit & Over 50Some may say Keenan Ivory Wayans is a comedic genius. Being that he comes from one of the largest comedy families in history, they would probably be right. Wayans co-produced and co-wrote Raw, Murphy’s smash-hit concert film.

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    Wayans, the second oldest of 10 children, grew up in the Fulton housing projects in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. His father markets novelty items, and his mother is a social worker. “All us kids used to eat together,” he recalls. “We’d bounce jokes off each other—and sometimes food.” In recent years, food has been a key part of Keenan’s life, as he has been a vegetarian for many years. He cites his healthy diet to his fit body.

    In a public service announcement, Keenan even showed his affinity for his healthy diet. “You know, my health is no laughing matter. My vegetarian diet helps me stay health and fit. Not just for myself, but for the one’s I love. From pasta primavera, a hearty vegetable soup, or my mothers red beans and rice.  Delicious and good for you. That’s no joke. Tonight, make it vegetarian.”


    Taking Keenan’s suggestion to heart, below is a delicious red beans and rice recipe that may be able to rival his mom’s

    Vegetarian Red Beans & Rice

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