The Right Way To Wear Lace Front Wigs

woman with long hair3

With all of the bad hair styles out here, it’s understandable that lace fronts are getting a bad rap. The reality is just like with anything, if done correctly, lace fronts can be a flattering and healthy protective hairstyle. If you like to switch up your style or simply just want a break from managing your real hair, a lace front can be a very doable option. Here are some tips to make sure that you are utilizing this hair style in the most enhancing and healthy way.

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1. Be mindful of the glue.

As with anything else, if you are a first time user of lace front glue, do a 24-hour patch test. There are many glue products on the market (some better than others), and you should make sure that the one you are using won’t give you dermatitis (allergic response from skin to a substance). Lace front adhesive is meant to stick to skin for long periods of time, so it is important to make sure that your skin won’t be sensitive to it or damaged from it.