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    The Truth About Bobbi Kristina & Brain Death

    bobbikristina feature The Truth About Bobbi Kristina & Brain DeathDays following her being found unresponsive in a bathtub, there was a candlelight vigil for Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. While conflicting reports continue to be posted on blogs and other websites regarding the status of Bobbi Kristina, including some reporting that Bobbi Kristina would be taken off of a ventilator on February 11th, the anniversary of the late Whitney Houston’s death. But the Brown family has released an official statement on the status of their hospitalized daughter.

    Although they don’t reveal anything specific about the comatose 21-year-old’s current condition, they specifically call out the “false reporting of TMZ, The National Enquirer, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Daily Mail (UK),” calling them out for writing articles based on unnamed “sources.”

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    Here’s the complete statement:

    “We support the candlelight vigil for Bobbi Kristina. The Brown family is amazed by the love and support from all that attended.” Said Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC, legal counsel for Bobby Brown. “However the false reports that continue to appear in print and on the internet are egregious, false and will be dealt with at an appropriate time. In particular, the false reporting of TMZ, The National Enquirer, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Daily Mail (UK) citing, police sources, family sources and Bobby Brown himself, will receive my attention. The desire to be “first” has clouded the judgment of many reporters as they forgo accuracy. This is a criminal investigation and the integrity of that process requires silence.” Brown added.

    “We continue to request privacy in this matter. We thank everyone that supported the vigil for Bobbi Kristina. God is hearing our prayers,” said Bobby Brown.

    And for those publications that are saying she’s in a coma or brain dead, here’s the real difference:

    Brain Death
    Patients in coma may be in deep coma or may survive in what is termed a “brain dead.”
    Brain death is defined as irreversible cessation of all brain functions, including the brain stem. Death may be declared in an individual who has sustained brain death

    Coma refers to a state of general “brain failure” characterized by severe depression of level of consciousness. Coma outwardly resembles sleep, but is physiologically very different. Sleep is characterized by highly organized and complex electrical brain activity, and can easily be reversed. With stimulation, a sleeping person can be quickly aroused to a state of complete alertness. By contrast, coma is characterized by slowing and depression of electrical brain activity, and implies a neurologic deficit. No matter how much the patient is stimulated, he or she is incapable of becoming fully alert.

    The lesson in all of this? Don’t believe everything you read online, especially if every “source” cited is an unnamed source.


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