What Do The Stars Want For Christmas?

    (SLIDE)(BlackDoctor.org) — When it comes to Hollywood’s hottest stars the blank after “All I Want for Christmas is…” not always filled what you would expect! What do some of your favorite celebrities want wrapped up in a big red bow this year?

    BlackDoctor.org has the answers right here!







    1. Mariah Carey, Actress


    “A healthy, happy family!”









    2. Kanye West, Rapper

    “Some new accessories, a supermodel, Carine Roitfeld’s Irreverent, and a Versace scarf set.”










    3. LisaRaye, Actress

    “Peace of mind.”











    4. Tom Joyner, Radio Personality

    “For all black college students to attend HBCUs.”












    5. Jennifer Freeman, Actress

    “I want to have new experiences and to not be afraid to try anything, whether it be telling someone how I really feel or jumping out of a plane.”







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