Eliminating the Negativity

It’s only been three years since Kendrick Lamar released his first major label album, “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City”, yet the 28-year-old artist has already had a significant impact on Hip-Hop. Contrary to popular styles within the genre currently, Lamar brings consciousness and substance through storytelling. All the while, Lamar brings out the competitiveness in other artists, only serving to motivate them to improve their music. My favorite song by Lamar was released in 2010, two years prior to the release of “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City.” In the song titled “Cut You Off” Kendrick raps about trying to fulfill his destiny and become everything he can be, but the negative relationships in his life restrict him from doing so. His solution: eliminate them from his life, or “cut them off”. Lamar understands that people who you hold him back are toxic, so it’s important to distance yourself. But first, you have to recognize who these people may be.
1.The Negative
Negative people rarely know what they stand for; they only know what they stand against. If the person isn’t “for” anything positive, they have a negative worldview. Take a moment to think about how it rubs off on you. In the beginning of “Cut you Off”, Lamar raps about this person in his life: “But I notice that her heart resides next to bitterness. Always hollering who she don’t like and who she kicks it with. Who she wants to fight…”
2.The Critic

This person is constantly gossiping about others, often behind their backs. What makes you think they don’t talk negatively about you when you’re not around? This person makes it virtually impossible to be yourself in their presence because of how critical they are. Why be friends with somebody you can’t be your true self around? When describing this person in his life, Lamar raps: “Who’s Dooney and Bourke bag is fake, who’s holding the keys to the car she drove last year, or who’s messing with who and who needs a pap smear.”