Pregnancy & Nutrition: 8 Myths & Facts

close up of pregnant womans bellyWhile pregnant, you’re also going to be bombarded with a ton of conflicting—and unsolicited—advice, much of which involves what you put in your mouth.

Following, we will set the record straight about what’s myth and what’s fact.

Myth No. 1: It’s time to eat up.

You’ve heard the phrase “eat for two” a million times. And even though you need extra nutrients like calcium (1000 mg) and iron (27–30 mg) while you’re pregnant, you don’t need any extra calories until the second trimester. Even then, it’s only an additional 300 each day, and the challenge is getting those calories from baby-building foods instead of Ben & Jerry’s. Try ¼ cup nuts plus ¼ cup dried fruit or ½ of a turkey sandwich. Remember, you don’t need to eat much more each day—just smarter.