How To Prevent Heat Stroke

african american man drinking water ( — Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia, where the body’s temperature is abnormally high (usually 104 F or higher). Unlike other heat-related injuries, such as heat cramps and heat exhaustion, heat stroke is a true medical emergency that is often fatal if not properly and promptly treated.

Why Does Heat Stroke Happen

The body normally generates heat as a result of metabolism, and is usually able to dissipate the heat by radiation of heat through the skin or by evaporation of sweat. However, in extreme heat, high humidity, or vigorous physical exertion under the sun, the body may not be able to get rid of that excess heat and the body temperature rises, sometimes up to 106 F (41.1 C) or higher.

Another cause of heat stroke is dehydration. A dehydrated person may not be able to sweat fast enough to dissipate heat, which causes the body temperature to rise.

Who Does Heat Stroke Affect The Most?