Ida Keeling: The 95 Year-Old Sprinter

Ida Keeling If you are short on any inspiration to start exercising, get to know Ida Keeling.  The 95 year-old set the world record last year running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds in the Masters Sprint Night last year.

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Keeling, a great-great grandmother from the Bronx is not like any other 95-year-old you have ever met. At 4’6” and 83 pounds, she takes one prescription drug and states, “I am not a sickly person.” On size 5 and1/2 feet, she runs in the hallways of her apartment building and on treadmills, lifts weights, and rides an exercise bike.

Keeling lost her husband to a heart attack at age 42, in 1958. She lost two sons, Donald and Charles, in gruesome, drug-related homicides, in 1979 and 1981. Her blood pressure went up to 206/106. Some people would never get over such events. But despite having had plenty of dark days, Ida Keeling soldiered on.