5 Ways To Lighten Salad Dressings

A glass cup filled with salad dressing and a whiskSalads are an excellent choice for a healthy, balanced diet, and we commend you if you’ve made such an addition to your daily menus. However, if your salad is filled with fatty dressing, a salad can quickly turn into a diet villain.

But never fear!

There are ways to stick to low-calorie dressing and highly nutritious toppings, without losing a salad’s tasty appeal. It is also important to note, that though you could opt for the light or low-fat options found in the grocery store aisles, those options almost always add more sodium, carbs or cholesterol to make up for the lack of fat and sugar. Again, this is no better for you in the long run.

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So why settle for a “healthier” dressing when you can make simple substitutions to make your own at-home light salad dressings? Here are five ingredients you can use to make your own at-home dressings that are healthy, light and have more flavor than store-bought ones.

1. Vinegars