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    The Perfect Facial For You…At Every Age!

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    Even if you don’t usually treat yourself to a spa facial, you should still try to get regular treatments – if you can afford it, with follow-up care at home. Why? So you can enjoy some great and long-term benefits, like warding off wrinkles and keeping the skin hydrated.


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    Besides removing blackheads and exfoliating dry, flaky skin, facials help fade dark spots from long-term damage and bad habits. Almost 90% of premature aging is attributed to sun damage and smoking…even for Black skin!

    But there’s one other thing…skin needs change as we get older, so it’s important to get the best facial for your age. A glycolic peel that’s perfect for a 40-year-old could irritate a 20-something.

    20s: Establish Great Skin Habits

    At this age, you’re probably not worrying about your skin or beauty routine. You’re too busy working, hanging out with friends…and probably not eating as healthy as you should.

    Perfect Facial: Deep-cleansing facials with masks of clay or kaolin (also known as china or white clay) draw out impurities – including dirt and excess oils – from skin. Fine clay particles also exfoliate, unclog pores and stimulate circulation, which nourishes cells with nutrients.

    If your skin is dry or sensitive, a mask with botanical extracts of chamomile or aloe will soothe it.

    Don’t Forget: Good skin care should be as mindless as brushing your teeth.

    30s: Manage Hormonal Skin

    Hormones rule in this decade. And that can mean breakouts – from your period, pregnancy or stress. All can push oil glands into overdrive. In fact, adult acne affects 1 in 5 women between 25 and 40 years old.

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