5 Ways To Keep Your Cool In The Scorching Heat

Drinking water
When the temperatures hit 3 digits and you just can’t find a way to beat the heat outside, try these fun, inexpensive tips to keep your cool inside.

Here’s to Happy Hydrating

All you need is a plastic ice tray or a freezer-safe plastic bottle, one single serving packet of Crystal Light Lemonade or Pomegranate Lemonade, plus one bottle (16 ounces) of lemon flavored seltzer water.

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Use a measuring cup to mix the Crystal Light powder with the seltzer water. Stir the mixture instead of shaking it up. Pour into freezer safe plastic bottle or put into individual containers of mini ice tray maker. Freeze until slushy. Enjoy an ahhhsomely delicious lemon slushy in your favorite easy chair.

Stay Cool Under the Collar

Save those towlettes and wet naps you get from your favorite fast food places.

Place them into a large zip lock plastic bag in the freezer. Or, make your own super sized cool down towlettes by using makeup removal towels. Remove a few towlettes, lie flat inside of large zip lock bag and place in freezer. When you get back inside from that 100+ degree heat, simply remove a towlette or two from the freezer and place on your neck or, use to wipe down face as the towlette begins to thaw.

Give Those Feet a Thrill

Fill a basin or foot fixer with cool to cold water. Slowly immerse your hot, tired feet into it and enjoy the cooling sensation that starts from your feet and works itself up. For maximum chill effect, combine with a frozen towlette on your neck and enjoy a lemon slushy while soaking. Get uber cool results by topping it all off with a peppermint lotion foot massage afterwards.

Relax and Feel the Chill

All you need is a few cotton balls, a comb and some peppermint or eucalyptus oil. While watching your favorite TV show, take a comb and separate your hair into four sections. Put a little oil onto a cotton ball. Using long strokes, gently spread oil from front to back of scalp. Be careful not to saturate your scalp. Lightly massage and enjoy the cooling sensation.

Mister Cool to the Rescue

Fill a spray bottle with ice-cold water. Select the “mist” control on nozzle. Give yourself intermittent soothing, cooling sprays on wrists, neck and anywhere you’d enjoy a quick shot of cool. Fill bottle with chilled chamomile tea for skin treat that’s extra soothing and cooling.

It’s a hot summer! Remember to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water and keep your cool with these fun tips.