5 Reasons You’re Not Falling Asleep

Man lying in bed and checking cell phone
Is quality shut-eye eluding you? The Sleep in America poll by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) revealed that blacks reported getting the least amount of sleep on workdays/weekdays, generally no more than 6 hours.

The problem? Experts have proven that less sleep can equal increased disease risks, including diabetes…and an increased waistline.

So what are some reasons you’re not falling asleep…and what can you do about it?

1. Your Sleep Schedule Isn’t Consistent

Who says bedtime is just for kids? Take extra care to maintain your sleep schedule, especially on the weekends. The body responds to routine. If your bedtime is sporadic- 11 pm some nights, 1 a.m. others- your mind won’t be properly prepared to snooze on the weekdays.

2. You’re Worried/Stressed About…Something

Studies have shown that stress is another cause of sleepless nights.  Whether you’re worried about your job, your finances, your family–whatever it is–it could be keeping you up and making you unhealthy. Find a way to relax your mind. Some use the counting method and try to count to 30 without thinking of anything except the numbers. If you mess up and think of something else, you have to start over again and do it until you get it right or fall asleep.

3. You’re Online In Bed

The brightness of your smartphone screen stimulates the brain. Stop reading those work emails! You can find…