The 3 Best Detox Herbs


68355-herbs_with_pessel_615_x_300Pollutants and chemicals can overload the body, causing distress and toxic overload. Toxic exposure may be responsible for many chronic diseases. Many experts agree that certain natural ingredients, such as herbs, can help restore balance and health to the body.

If you are on medication, be sure to talk with your physician and make sure these spices won’t interfere with medications or cause adverse reactions due to medical conditions.

1. Turmeric: This orange-colored spice makes a frequent appearance in curry dishes, and boasts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-tumor properties. Additionally, turmeric promotes circulation, prevents blood clots, and decreases inflammation. It is also thought to accelerate the detoxification process in the whole body by increasing bile production and release. Fun fact: did you know that the blood-thinning drug Coumadin orginated from turmeric?

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2. Rosemary: This fragrant, perennial herb has been used since ancient times to flavor cooking and it was also used to preserve meat. As it turns out, rosemary’s high level of antioxidants may play a role in…