The 9 Best Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

A couple carrying Christmas presentsTrying to choose the best gift to give to someone? Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out exactly what your loved ones want and need, something that they’ll actually be happy and excited to see once they peel off that wrapping paper.

But, there’s one present that everyone can appreciate – great health!

So, as you head to the store, remember that health is a gift that can be used over and over again.

Here are some great holiday treats with great health benefits…

• Healthy Food. Typical food gifts encourage unhealthy eating during the holidays. Instead of giving a box of rich chocolate, try something more nutritious, like a box of fresh fruit. You can also bring gift boxes of almonds, walnuts and other unsalted nuts. Or how about a collection of gourmet teas? You can generally find such healthy food gifts in stores, or search for them online. Many come in reusable metal boxes that can serve as a reminder of your thoughtfulness for years to come.

• Healthy Homecooking. Another option is to prepare something yourself. You might put together a soup mix in a nice mason jar. Or you can simply get a gift card to a health food store or a quality grocery store to encourage them to pick out what they like themselves.

• Healthy Lunch Box. Other gifts can promote nutritious eating. Reusable bento boxes, which have several small compartments for food, can encourage people to take healthier, homemade lunches to work. Traditionally, these boxes have been used in Japan to pack small portions of rice, vegetables and fish or meat. Or, simply give someone a standard lunch box depicting their favorite movie, TV show or character, filled with some healthy treats.

• Healthy Sports Equipment. Physical activity, of course, is the other part of staying healthy. For kids, sports equipment can be a great gift. Even something small like a flying disc, boomerang, football or soccer ball can provide hours of healthy and fun family activity. Other pricier fit gift ideas include a bicycle, push scooter, ping-pong table or indoor exercise equipment like a treadmill. Some video game systems have special accessories that encourage physical activity as well.

• Healthy Clothes. Who couldn’t use an extra pair of workout pants (or shorts, or shirt, or socks)? Exercise clothing, or a gift certificate to a fitness store, can make a much appreciated holiday gift.