Sheri Saum’s Secret To Natural, Healthy Curls


You may recognize this beautiful daytime Emmy-nominated model-turned-actress from “One Life to Live,” “Rescue Me,” “Gossip Girl” or “The Fosters.” But no matter what the role, Sherri Saum is just about always rocking her natural curls.

When asked about her hair story, Sherri said, “I have always worn my hair curly, but I grew up in a state of constant, thinly-veiled frustration over my huge, bossy hair. I have it on good authority that I have both lost and won roles in large part to my hair. It horrifies and delights in equal measure.”

No matter what the day holds, Sherri goes into each day with the same hair routine:

“I try to keep washing to a minimum… my hair is so dry that I don’t want to rob it of its moisture.  I wash maybe twice a week, with a moisturizing shampoo — I love products by Kerastase. The Masquintense formula works like magic on my hair. I would say that Moroccan Oil and the Kerastase products are my lifesavers. When I want my curls to be really bouncy and shiny, I wash, condition well with Moroccan Oil, let it stay in my hair and air-dry it. If I know I am going to be at the mercy of heat styling tools–curlers, blow dryers, that kind of stuff–I protect my hair first with a strong serum to coat the strands for protection.”

Sherri never used to get regular trims, because her hair grew so slow and was always breaking off.  But it was a catch 22 — she needed to cut her hair to get rid of the dead ends, so it could start a new healthy life cycle. It’s working so well now, she can’t even keep up with how quickly her hair grows.

When time is against her and she needs to just get up and go, Sherri  has two go-to looks:

  • Up in a giant ponytail
  • Down in a “giant flower arrangement type situation.”

The actress doesn’t stress about her hair like she did when she was younger. Her advice when asked what she would tell a natural-haired diva? “Love it. And love yourself. When you give your hair some love, it loves you back!”

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