Sex: A Beauty Secret Worth A Try

A sexy couple cuddling in front of a bed( — Have you ever stared into a mirror, wishing you looked better? Or, have you found yourself thinking back to days when you know you looked better? If so, you should do something about it…like having sex.

An increasing number of medical professionals are connecting healthy sex lives to healthy appearances. It seems that having sex has perks… other than ones you probably already knew about.

How Sex Affects Your Look

When you have sex, it promotes blood circulation. As your blood goes racing through your body, it carries oxygen and nutrients and distributes them to your hair, skin and nails. You may think that since your blood is circulating even when you don’t have sex, the benefits are not likely to be substantial. But remember, poor circulation can create a number of problems, including hair loss. Good circulation , on the other hand, is associated with hair growth, strong nails and vibrant skin.

Linoleic Acid – Some people eat foods such as avocados or olive oil because these are considered beauty foods. Why? Because they all contain an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid, which promotes skin hydration. In addition to combating dryness, linoleic acid can also help to treat problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

But, you don’t always have to clip coupons or visit the farmers market every day, because this fatty acid is also produced naturally in your sex hormones.

Collagen – Compare a menopausal or postmenopausal woman with one who has yet to reach that stage of her life, and you may notice apparent differences. Menopausal women generally have thinner, drier and looser skin. This is partially due to the reduction in collagen, a fibrous protein that provides the skin with strength, structure and elasticity. Collagen is needed to ward off wrinkles and it is another thing that people try to obtain by eating or by slathering on beauty products. But again, you can be the wiser one and help yourself out by producing your own via a few nights of passion.

Hormones – Another reason for the difference in the skin of older and younger people is a change in hormonal balance. Having sex floods the body with endorphins and growth hormones, which then level out those imbalances and fights the problems that resulted from them. This flood of hormones also promotes cell regeneration, which helps to heal damage such as that from the sun or from smoking.

Warning About Sex For Beauty Benefits

For the best results, sex is recommended at least three times per week. But, beware — this is not one of those beauty techniques that you should engage in solely for the sake of saying that its done. If you get a facial or a hair cut, you can be in any mood. You can be filled with joy or be an angry, emotional wreck, yet still reap the same positive benefits.

However, sex, when pursued for the sake of beauty, is a bit different. There is an absolute need to enjoy it because you will reap the maximum benefits only if you have an orgasm, and for most people that involves pleasure.

Another thing– sweating is also an excellent beauty technique. When you sweat, your pores open up and toxins and residues are released.

So, when you have sex, you should try to keep it revved up in high gear… for the beauty benefits of course.