Corrine Bailey Rae On Her Natural Hair: “I Don’t Try To Be Perfect”

Grammy Award-winning singer and guitarist, Corrine Bailey Rae sings from the heart. As a matter of fact, she puts her heart into everything she does. From family to her music, to even her hair, the singer puts her own personal touch. To accomplish that, the “Like A Star” singer admits that she does her own hair much of the time.

Here’s what she does day to day to keep those beautiful curls healthy and strong:

On Detangling Her Hair
“So, I just put conditioner on my hair, then detangle with the big paddle brush,” the 36-year-old singer admits.  “The bristles or spines on the brush are very flexible so it may not get the knots out the first or even the second time…I spend a while detangling. If I’m brushing my hair out, I’ll watch TV, or go and sit in the garden… it takes me 45 minutes, but I’m patient. The key is to not get frustrated and know that all those tangles are going to come out eventually.”

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“I detangle from the ends up and I naturally divide it into sections as I go. Once it’s fully detangled, I’ll put a shower cap on my head and leave it for a couple of hours. When I take it off, my hair is really black and shiny, and it’s still soaking wet even though much of the conditioner is gone. But it’s still easy to comb through. And then I’ll just put it in the plaits. I do this styling process every 9 to 10 days.”

On Growing Her Hair
As she was letting her own hair grow out, the singer learned, “If you get the ends cut solid so they don’t split they’re not going to break and your hair’s going to grow. People who think their hair doesn’t grow…