Q&A: I’m A Black Woman Losing My Hair – Please Help!

older African American woman hairQ: I’m a 56-year-old black woman and I’m losing my hair. Why I don’t know; I wear protective styles – Sew-ins and braids, not tight.  When I take them out after a month, I have quite a bit of shedding. This does not seem normal and my hair is getting very thin.   Please help, I’m really concerned. – Linda T

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A: Hair loss is very common the older you get. As you age, your hormones change and hair loss is one of the responses to this decrease in estrogen. Protective styles are a great way to avoid constantly manipulating your hair and causing undue stress. Unfortunately, not everyone can wear braids. Tension alopecia is very common in braid and weave wearers. Some people are allergic to hair that is not coming from their scalp.


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