3 Of The Best Sex Positions For More Intimacy

couple in bed spooningThere are hundreds of sex positions that one can choose from, each one providing a different type of stimulation, but when it comes to building a bond between you and your lover, there are a few basic positions and their variations that can create the intimacy that is often missing in sexual situations. Eye contact, bodily closeness and focusing on the energy of your partner are the key ingredients in establishing that tenderness necessary to take a sexual experience from mundane and emotionless to deep and even spiritual. Here are three of the best positions that I suggest to build intimacy within your relationships.

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Spooning is the perfect position to transition from a late night cuddle session into a hot and steamy sexual experience! Spooning puts the bodies of you and your partner into close contact, creating a level of intimacy that only real lovers can enjoy and appreciate. Be aware of how warm your partner feels and how their body rises and falls back to rest during breathing. Being aware in the moment will bring you into a new awareness of your partner.