Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off During Sex

couple in bed upsetThere is no worse let down for a man than to be in an amazing sexual experience only to be turned off by something that his partner knowingly or unknowingly does to send his arousal from seven to zero.  Through a poll of about 100 men, I have compiled a list of the top five things women can do to turn men off during sex, and all of these things can be avoided with proper preparation.  Take a look at what men are saying will send their libido south during sex.

1. Bad Hygiene

Bad breath, poorly cleaned genitals and bad bodily odor were at the top of the list for things that can turn a man off during sex.  To avoid sending your partner running for the hills, make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly before sex as well as shower. If you believe your vagina is harboring a smell that is unnatural to your natural scent, consult your doctor to ensure you do not have a pH imbalance caused from a buildup of bacteria or from an infection.

2. Lack of Confidence

Complaints about feeling or looking fat, being unsure of sexual skills and complaining about it and being afraid to be seen naked in the light are all confidence issues that men wish would be left outside of the bedroom. Having confidence in yourself while in the nude and during sexual performance helps your partner to enjoy your company as much as he would want to with no limits. If you are insecure about your weight, adopt a cleaner diet consisting of green veggies, lean protein and low carb and low sugar intake. If you are unsure of your sexual skills, take a few sexual technique classes or read up on new techniques to spice up your skills. Watch adult performers use tricks that you may be able to use in your own personal life, and above all, ask your partner for guidance and help in aiding in the enhancement of your sexual skills.

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