What Really Is Sarcoidosis?


One of the original Kings of Comedy, Bernie Mac’s life was cut short due to sarcoidosis. Before his death, many didn’t know what the disease was or how it affected the body. Sarcoidosis is a disease caused by small areas of inflammation. It can affect any part of the body but is most common in the lungs—called pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis appears as small patches of inflamed cells. It can cause different symptoms depending on where it appears. On the skin, it may look like a scaly rash or red bumps. In the eyes, it can cause soreness. If it affects muscles, it can cause swelling and soreness. In the lungs, it can cause a dry cough, mild chest pain or shortness of breath.

Nobody can predict how sarcoidosis will affect one person verses another. It is not serious in over half the cases. The disease appears briefly and heals naturally, without treatment. Some people don’t even realize they have sarcoidosis. However, another 20-30 percent of people with pulmonary sarcoidosis end up with permanent lung damage. A small percentage of patients may have chronic sarcoidosis, lasting for many years.

Sarcoidosis Can Affect YOU