The Do’s Of Online Dating

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Online dating used to be something that was looked at with cautious and dubious eyes, but now that the Internet has developed and become one of the main sources of communication and work for millions across the world, online dating has become as common as meeting people and beginning relationships in the physical.  With access to thousands of options to choose from when it comes to connecting with that special one, it’s no surprise that more people have turned to online dating as a viable option for finding true love.  There are rules for online dating just as there are rules for dating in the physical, so if online dating has raised your interests, take a look at these helpful tips to successfully survive the online courting process.

1. Create a truthful profile.

One thing that always has to be realized when dealing in the virtual world is that there are real people behind the profiles that are seen online.  The best thing one can do when creating profiles, whether on dating websites or on social media, is to create profiles that tell the truth about who he/she is.  The TV show “Catfish” has shown the world how common it is for people to steal the identity of others and use them to draw people in, but these fake profiles often lead to real connections that leave others deceived in the end.  Using your real name, location, occupation and relationship status is the ideal when creating an online profile.  If true love is what you are in search of, then be 100% authentic.

2. Don’t trust a first-time conversation.

This is the realest advice that I try to give everyone. Whenever you match with someone online and you are vibing together so you exchange numbers and then you have a really good conversation for the first time over the phone. DON’T TRUST THAT. Many women (and men) use that first conversation that usually lasts hours at a time, as a barometer that this person is going to be great. Every new relationship, even platonic ones, have great first time conversations because it’s the first time. If anything, start with in person meeting number #4 (yes, FOUR) to start seeing if this is something worth pursuing.