Which Is Better: Cold Or Warm Water?

463692909Our bodies can burn calories in several ways. There are several theories out there that say you should drink warm water instead of cold water to help burn calories. Other theories say the opposite. There are even some theories that say some should drink cold water in the morning and warm in the evening that help burn fat. But we’re here to put the theories to rest. Drinking cold water rather than warm to burn calories is not a key to losing weight. Or at least cold water does not burn enough calories to be worthy of mentioning.

Drinking a glass of ice water rather than a glass of water at room temperature only burns about eight calories. Your BMR (basal metabolic rate), which keeps your organs functioning, burns about 70% of your calories. Physical activity adds about 20% and digestion about 10%.

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Warm water is not necessarily worse than cold water; however, when you are exercising, it may not help replace your fluids as quickly and it will not have the same cooling effect. However, it does not make a significant difference, if you prefer warm water. Furthermore, if you have sensitive teeth, ice water may irritate them, while warm water will not. It is more important that you drink sufficient water to replace the liquid you lose through daily and physical activities, preventing dehydration, than that you drink water of a specific temperature.

Many prefer the taste and feel of ice or cold water, and it can be better to drink when you are exercising. When you exercise or are involved in intense activity, your body temperature rises; drinking cold water can help lower your temperature back to normal. This can be important in high heat or strong sun, when you risk heatstroke from strenuous exercise. In addition, cold water is absorbed more quickly into your body than warm water, helping you rehydrate more quickly, according to Columbia University.