MC Lyte: 25 Years Later Still Shining

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Rapper, actress, music executive, voice-over artist, public speaker…MC Lyte is busier than she’s ever been! It’s been over 25 years since the New York emcee set the hip-hop world on fire with songs like “I Cram To Understand”, “Paper Thin” and of course “Lyte As A Rock.” She has shown through her longevity in this industry that you have to know what you’re doing in order to thrive and still be taken serious. Who knew 25 years ago that her talent would lead to her being the incredible entrepreneur she has become?

“I guess my need to create and inspire others ignites a fire that won’t let me stop,” explains Lyte. “On top of that, I’m enjoying myself so it never really feels like work. I’m doing what I love and making a living out of it all.”

On top of her lifetime achievement award from BET, MC Lyte became the first African-American female president of the LA Chapter of the Grammy organization. “It was very important for me to represent the diversity that can and does exist within the academy.”

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And her businesses keep growing.

MC Lyte opened Shaitel, a Los Angeles boutique that specialized in accessories from belts to sunglasses. “We sell a mixture of new and vintage [items],” she explained. “We also have a few signature pieces that are done just for the store. We boast to bring a little New York flavor out here to California.”

In 1997, MC Lyte launched Sunni Gyrl Inc., a global entertainment firm that specializes in artist management and development, production, and creative services and consulting.

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MC Lyte credits her mom as being one of her biggest fans and supporters. Stating that it’s her support system that…

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