Is How You Dry Your Hair Causing Damage?

woman looking at hair

Oftentimes we don’t even realize that the simplest change of habit could be our next beauty phenomenon. For instance, the usage of cotton rounds instead of balls, or toner instead of rubbing alcohol. It seems like the slightest difference in your regimen can make a world of difference to a beautiful outcome.

So, what about changing up how you dry your hair? You detangle, wash, condition and then you hop out the shower and grab the biggest towel you own to wrap your hair up in. Logically, this all makes sense. I mean, the bigger the towel the more water it can handle, right?

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Have you ever wondered where frizzy hair and split ends come from? Well, you may be shocked to know your towel may be a main culprit. The friction that a towel brings to your hair not only causes frizz but damage as well.

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