No Sex Zone: Using Abstinence To Increase Intimacy Before Marriage

couple cuddling outside

Spring is here which means marriage season is in full swing. Over the next few months, from sweltering hot summer days to the cool days of early autumn, couples across the globe will stand in front of officiants in all their pomp and circumstance to make their life paths one under the watchful eyes of God (or the creator in which they believe).

The wedding day is for everyone to join the happy couple in celebration of their union, but the months leading up to the actual nuptials are for the engaged to plan out their pending life together.  During this time, negotiations are made in compromises that will ensure the marriage’s longevity, but one area that is often brought to the table of matrimonial diplomacy with leniency is sexuality.

Many engaged couples have already entered into the space of sexual activity, but just because sex has happened before marriage doesn’t mean sex can’t be withheld from an agreed upon point until the night of the wedding. And reverting to virginal ways actually has its benefits believe it or not.

If you are headed down the aisle this wedding season or if you happen to know a happy couple who is on the verge of making it last forever, take a look at these examples of how abstinence can deepen intimacy before marriage.

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A bond is established.

Sex can sometimes be a distracting component in relationship building, but by removing intercourse from the equation, each partner can begin to learn more about the other, from personality traits to secrets that have never been revealed. With sex being placed on the backburner, intimacy building exercises can be used to deepen the relationship bond and to develop an unspoken form of communication that is only understood by lovers. An intimate bond stands the test of time when the newness of the relationship fades.