5 Things That Shea Butter Can Cure

shea butter nuts

Shea butter is a common ingredient found in a multitude of skin and hair products, and in its natural form it can do you some good. Shea butter comes from the shea nut tree and depending on the country it can sometimes be referred to as the karate nut, mangifolia tree, bamboo butter tree or the glam butter tree. The nuts that come from this tree can take 18-25 years to grow and in their native countries are seen to be a key to life for their many health and beauty benefits. Take a look at five of its marvelous benefits below:

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1. Eczema, psoriasis and acne 

Eczema, psoriasis and acne are all skin ailments that require careful treatments that are sensitive enough to not make the problems worse. The moisture and nourishing properties that shea butter offers are a great way to better manage these skin concerns. Gold Bond Ultimate softening lotion is one brand that is specially formulated with shea butter. Many suggest cleansing the skin and problem areas and while the skin is still damp apply a thin coating of shea butter. This will allow the treatment to set in as well as seal the moisture.

2. Cracked heels and cuticles 

Summer is around the corner and that means sandals and fresh pedicures! No one should have to suffer from crunchy toes and feet, and nothing makes your hands look more unattractive than dry, hard cuticles. Try the sock method at bedtime for your feet. After showering, dry your feet then give yourself a nice foot massage with the shea butter. Slip your socks on so that by morning your feet will be soft and moisturized. For your cuticles, try keeping a small container of shea butter with you at all times so that you can moisturize your hands with it after every time you wash your hands, keeping your hands and cuticles soft.

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