Baby Aisle Beauty Secrets

baby product bottles

Who said you have to be a baby in order to use baby products? In fact, I myself love Johnson & Johnson’s “No More Tears” formula of baby body wash. I find that my sensitive skin indulges over the gentler formula that contains far less harsh chemicals as the products marketed to adults. Maybe it’s time to consider what other products are hidden among the baby section.

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Diaper Cream

Though you are way past your diaper wearing days, you may be experiencing something else diaper cream is good for: acne. Diaper cream contains the ingredient zinc oxide, which is a great anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant agent that wards off acne. DHT is the hormone that causes most acne and zinc oxide acts as a guard against it. Try it as a spot treatment at night, as it tends to contain upwards of 40% zinc oxide (depending on the brand).

Baby Shampoo

It’s a great facial cleanser, as it removes the impurities from the skin without stripping it of all its natural oils. This is important, as skin that becomes too dry from cleansing has a tendency to over oil itself, making the cleansing process almost counterproductive.

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