Chicago High School Student Breaks Scholarship Record

arianna-alexander“It’s still unbelievable,” is what high school senior Ariana Alexander said when she thinks of breaking a city-wide school record for the most scholarship money.

This year’s graduating class of Chicago’s Kenwood Academy total 371 students boasts of $39.6 million in scholarship money, three of which are gates scholars.

Not only is Ariana the valedictorian of Kenwood Academy, class of 2015, she’s also racked up over $3 million dollars in scholarship money alone.

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“I applied to over 20 schools” she say. “I got accepted into 26 schools, including six of the eight Ivys and that was a chunk of change right there. And then I’m a Gates Scholars and that was big chunk there.”

So that means in the fall, Ariana has her choice of any college or university and she has chosen Penn.

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