New Sex Toy Helps Lesbian Couples Conceive


woman visiting pregnant friend

There comes a time in every couple’s life when the desire to begin a family sets in and for the traditional family the process to procreate is typically simple, but what options are available to the non-traditional couple who wants the organic feel of conception without a male partner present? Yes, I’m speaking about lesbian couples. In vitro and surrogacy are available options for same-sex couples with dreams of welcoming children into their homes, but these family planning processes can run the average couple thousands of dollars before producing a result. And while using a turkey baster is a viable and inexpensive option to facilitate conception, the process is not at all sexy.

Well, where there is a problem there is a solution to cover its tracks, and thanks to a new sex toy called “The Semenette” conception for the lesbian couple just became sexier and less expensive.

The Semenette is what sex toy enthusiasts would describe as a “squirting dildo” based on its abilities to mimic the ejaculatory process, but unlike many of its lesser counterparts this dildo features a design crafted from the best materials sex toys can offer.

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