#BeardGoals: 5 Steps To Growing The Perfect Beard

Since the beginning of time, a man’s beard has kept him warm, added character to a man’s face, and let’s be honest, it’s kind of sexy too.  But if a beard is done in the wrong way, it can mess up not only your physical appearance, but also your health.

So we decided to ask some of our “Bearded & Black” men’s panel and see what are some tips to keeping growing the perfect beard.  You’d be surprised.  Here are the top 5:

1. Brush, Brush and Brush Again – Many men think that you have to wait for your beard to grow in before you start grooming it–wrong!  You need to train your beard and train your hair follicles to get ready for your beard.  That can be done simply by brushing your face (yes, even before hair begins to grow), in the direction you want your beard to grow.  For most men, it’s upwards on the cheeks.  Just about 10 minutes a day should do and more when stubble begins to show.

2. Right Under Your Nose – It’s by far the most neglected area of the face when a man starts to grow his beard.  Remember if someone is looking directly at you, their eyes will tend to shift towards your mouth/nose area when talking, so don’t forget to trim the area directly under your nose and your nose hairs. This will dramatically increase the look of your entire beard.