Stop “Computer Neck” With These Expert Tips

Time for a quick check in: are you reading this article with your head and neck craned forward? Maybe even with a hump in your back? If you work in front of a computer all day, chances are you have a habit of “computer neck” and may not even realize it you’re doing it but trust and believe your neck, shoulders and back DO realize it. Prolonged and repetitive neck extension – a form of microtrauma – can over time develop into painful neck strain injury. Not to mention, the protruding muscle memory is definitely not a good look (literally) as you’re going through your regular daily life away from your computer.

In this video, fitness trainer Chris “Mean” Green shares tips for correcting neck protrusion and other simple exercises you can do right in the office for a healthier body overall.


Anthony “iNatural” Alderman Is 53, Vegan & Cut Up! (VIDEO)

anthony alderman side by side

Who is Anthony Alderman? Walking down the street, he may appear to be a “normal” guy. But you better believe he turns heads without a shirt on – he is extremely cut! Now, we all know meat has protein, and protein makes our muscles both bigger and stronger. But what if I told you Anthony didn’t reach his high level of strength through meat consumption? This 53-year-old community activist originally from Brooklyn, NY has been vegan for over two decades!

“Without exercising I think I would die – without fitness,” said Alderman said in a video, where we see him beasting out pull ups that many half his age would struggle with. In the video he reveals how his addiction to fitness began. “My third grade teacher, her name was Ms. Shields. During recess, we didn’t play. She had us doing exercises. You know like squats, push-ups, and what was called chin-ups at the time. On the monkey bars, for discipline, for punishment, or for basic exercise, she had us do chin ups. I saw that I liked doing it. So, I didn’t mind getting in trouble because I know that I enjoyed doing chin-ups. So that’s how I got started. I was about 8 at the time.”