Scalp Botox To Keep Your Hair From Sweating Out?

woman fake mohawk

A typical Botox treatment is known for removing/preventing frown lines, but did you know that some women are now requesting this treatment in their scalp to help prolong their blowouts? Botox can help block perspiration, and in the case of enhancing a blowout, I can see why this could be helpful. Now you can attend SoulCycle without worrying about the sweat. According to New York dermatologist, Patricia Wexler, “the improved hair quality is a benefit of Botox’s effect on the sweat glands. It works exactly like injections for hyperhidrosis, it inhibits the eccrine glands specifically.”

Reduced perspiration on the scalp means less frizz and less frequent hair washing. And “though the cost of the procedure is quite hefty, many patients have said it was well worth it,” according to Dr. Wexler.

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