Dating With Children: When’s The Right Time To Make Introductions?

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For the past few weeks social media has been in heated debate over a photo that surfaced of R&B singer Ciara’s son, Baby Future, in a loving embrace with her current boyfriend NFL quarterback, Russell Wilson. Some men were outraged, with many labeling the act as blatant disrespect and spitefulness against the birth father, rapper Future. But women had a completely separate view altogether, siding with the singer’s decision to introduce her son to her committed love interest.

In 2015 it is common for singles to come in a package deal along with children from previous relationships, but sometimes the decision of when to introduce a child to a new love interest isn’t always so clear. Are men less prone to introducing their children to the new women in their lives early on, or are women more eager to attach a male figure to their children in hopes of creating a stable family unit?

To answer these questions I took this issue to Facebook to get an idea of how the general population handles dating with children in the mix and the answers were all over the place.

“I couldn’t see myself going for six months without introducing my new love interest to my daughter,” one man said.

“I truly think it depends on how serious the relationship is,” said another.  

The male perspective seemed to be a bit more relaxed on the topic, but when it came to the opinions of women the requirements were more strenuous.

“You really have to be careful about who you bring around your children especially being a single mother,” said one concerned woman. She continued on in her comment by explaining how a woman in love may be blinded by the representative of that significant other and not aware of his true nature.  

Another woman suggested running a background check if necessary before introducing a child to a significant other. “I believe six months is a good enough time for a woman to judge the character of a guy before introducing her child,” she added.  

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Although both sexes had different views on how and when children should be introduced to new love interests, both sexes shared the sentiment that the seriousness of the relationship is the deciding factor. Men and women agree that a relationship must be committed and serious for children to be brought into the fold.

To gain a professional opinion about children’s introduction into new relationships I solicited the advice of certified sexologist and sex therapist Dr. TaMara Griffin, who covers everything from the influence one has on children while in relationships to suggestions on how to develop relationships with a partner’s pride and joy.