Chef Brings The Whole Family Together In One Place: The Kitchen

Chef Monica head shot

Chef Monica Hayes-Jones is not your typical chef.  Most of the time you see chefs running around rampant in the kitchen , yelling at their staff and frantically trying to get things on the plate.  Chef Hayes-Jones has a different approach: not only is she a celebrity chef, she also has a passion in teaching kids how to cook.  And not just kids, but creating meals that both the children and their parents can both have fun in the kitchen together cooking a meal.

Launched in 2009, she created Tasteful Manners (TM), a cooking, nutrition and etiquette company based in Chicago. The goal of TM is to bring the family together and improve the health of the family by teaching parents and children how to prepare, easy, nutritious meals at home. recently sat down with Chef Monica to see what she has planned for Chicago.

BDO: Why kids in culinary? 

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