Cell Phones Are Gross, So This Company Created An Antimicrobial Screen

woman smiling cell phone

Have you ever thought of your phone as a petri dish that is growing plenty of germs? Well start to! Just think about all the places your phone is placed, how much your hands handle it, and to think the poor skin on your face is touching all of that disgusting germ pile up! According to one study, there is more bacteria on a mobile phone than on a toilet seat, door handle or bottom of a shoe. That is just disgusting!

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The Chinese electronic empire ZTE has taken on the task of battling this dirty situation. They are set to launch what they are calling the Axon Smartphone. What makes the Axon so special is that it contains the first ever EPA registered antimicrobial phone screen, better known as Gorilla Glass. This glass is infused with antibacterial fighting silver ions.

“With the rise of touch technology and our constant interaction with people and public surfaces, the microbes on our smartphones are not our own,” said Dr. Joydeep Lahiri, division vice president at Corning. “We developed Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass to address this concern.”