Janet Jackson At 50: Ready On And Off The Stage

janet jackson

(photo courtesy of Janet Jackson instagram)

Superstar Janet Damita Jo Jackson has thrilled audiences around the world, not only on screen in her videos, but also live in person on tour. Janet’s tours are are in fact some of the most-grossing tours of all time. The Janet world Tour, the second tour by Janet had her performing on 4 continents 18 countries within the span of 17 months with 123 shows–the most shows Janet has done for any concert. Total attendance for this tour is around 2.5million. And the Velvet Rope World Tour, Janet’s third tour supporting her 6th studio album of the same name. She visited 5 continents and 120 shows. The world wide gross for velvet rope is $78,000,000.

(photo courtesy of twitter)

(photo courtesy of twitter)

So many of us grew up watching Michael’s little sister on “Good Times.” Her acting talent made her stand out from the rest of the musically talented Jackson family. At the same time, we loved when she decided to follow in her older siblings footsteps but did it her own way. With her third album, “Control,” it was clear that Ms. Jackson was now in charge.

And even now in 2016, at 50 years old, she continues to reinvent herself on and off the stage. How does she do it? Here’s 5 steps Janet lives by:


(photo courtesy of errol dunlap photography)

1. Change up your routine often:
“I don’t like to work out, and I get bored easily,” Jackson says. “Tony [my trainer] is great. He comes up with something new all the time. When I’m getting ready for a tour, I’ll work out with the dancers to build my endurance. He’ll put us in teams, and we’ll do all sorts of drills and races. Everybody is drenched with sweat before we start one dance step.”

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2. Get slim with sports: “Tony knows that I love sports, so  that’s what we’ll often do,” Jackson says. “There are times when I don’t want to run on the beach, so to get me to run on the beach, he’ll bring a football. I’m just like a dog with a tennis ball—I get so excited. And we do drills. Sometimes we go to the batting cages and hit balls. He switches it up all the time. And that’s what I love.”