My Story: A Mental Health Counselor Finds Herself On The Other Side Of The Couch

Many have called depression a silent killer, but writer and singer Fayth Hope is bringing voice to her silent struggles. Even as a mental health counselor, the Birmingham, AL resident learned the value of seeking support outside of herself. Here, she shares her story with in her own words.


Photo: Chris Charles of Creative Silence

Two years ago, I wrote on Instagram and Facebook, “After 3+ years, I’m officially off high blood pressure medicine!!  Yay Vegetarianism!!  God is good!!”  However, my celebration only lasted a few months because once again, my blood pressure began spiking and I had to return to medication. And to add to the mixture, I was slowly regaining the weight I had recently lost during my healthy lifestyle change…and I couldn’t figure out why. 

I internalized these occurrences, colored myself as a failure.  All of the hard work had flown out the window and was slipping even further from my grasp as the days continued to go by. No matter how hard I tried, I could not pump the breaks.

One year later, I was 20 pounds heavier…in the hips and in the heart.  Not only did my weight creep up on me, so did my old friend – Depression.

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